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The geostatistical tools we sell in this business unit are with a marketing focus and aim to provide a frame of reference ideal for planning.

It will help you better understand the economic and demographic environment of a territory and competition.

Benefits and Products

Maps Marketers

List of Colonies


  • Meet Segmentation Socioeconomic Status and Sociodemographic information of a City
  • Cross your database and have a segmentation on the socioeconomic profile of their customers
  • Determine the demand for a service in a specific area
  • Sampling for Market Research
  • Define or better Analyze Branch Locations and competence
  • Reorganize Sales flights
  • Further analysis in CRM
  • Direct Promotional Activities (leafleting, cambaceo, etc..)
  • Diagnosing Market Opportunity Areas
  • Build Direct Marketing strategies, etc.

Wilsa Products Maps

  • Maps marketers
  • List of Colonies with segmentation by NSE
  • Geostatistical analysis of areas
  • Geostatistical analysis of areas
  • Census and ad-hoc studies

Maps marketers are delivered in PDF format or printed and include the following information:

  • Texts Streets
  • AGEBS Limits (Basic Geostatistical Area provided by INEGI)
  • Predominant Socioeconomic Status by AGEBS (A / B, C +, C, D +, D and E)
  • ID only as a reference point:
    • Supermarkets, Public Markets and Malls
  • Growth and Projected Population and Housing of the City (table)
  • Population Pyramid by Age Group City (table)
  • Quality of life (table)
  • Population Distribution by occupation (table)
  • City Economic Units (table)
  • Personal Employee City (table)
Download marketer map

The listings colony with socioeconomic status, are in an Excel spreadsheet, where each column has the following information:

  • Name of the Colony
  • Zip
  • Housing Profile
  • Socioeconomic Status by colony (A / B, C +, C, D +, D, E)
  • Name City / State
  • Total Household inhabited by colony
  • Total Male Population by colony
  • Total Female Population by colony
Download list of colonies