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  • Our approach to customer care we facilitates the accurate diagnosis of the needs of information, which enables us to make sure consider in the design of the study all the variables that can transcend in the results.
  • Our experience and vision of business enables us to understand clearly and precisely the central problem of research to propose the methodological design and Sampling Frame to respond efficiently to the needs and budget of the client.
  • Deep Analysis of the information, presenting the most relevant findings through interpretative patterns supported by pictures that communicate with clarity and forcefulness the results.
  • We can participate with our clients at any stage of the research or through the complementary services in the field of Strategic Marketing.

About Us

Proposal of Value



Strategic Values

Coverage and Infrastructure

We are a 100% Mexican company, established since 35 years ago as an agency of Market Research and Public Opinion.  Recognized as Wilsa , a mark of excellent positioning, also in the field of design and analysis of geographic information, caused by be pioneering company in Mexico to develop the map of Mexico City with Segmentation levels of socio-economic and demographic statistical information and economic. Currently the only company to raise reliable socio-economic levels directly in the field in more than 100 cities in the Mexican Republic.

Exceed the expectations of the client projects in Ad-Hoc , providing the most relevant findings, identifying areas of opportunity and contributing to the success of the business through strategic conclusions and recommendations aimed at improving the marketing and dissemination of its products and brands.

Investigate the needs of the market to transform it into strategic information.

Consolidate in the top of the research agencies, and continue to be the leader in information of socio-economic levels.

Exceed expectations

  • We should be in a continuous improvement and above what is expected of us.

Be persevering

  • We must finish what we started, showing a great spirit of struggle and overcoming.

Information clear and smooth

  • We must be clear and honest to avoid misunderstandings.
  • All the tasks that are assigned shall be monitored and addressed without delay.

Team spirit

  • We maintain a positive team spirit and act to create a conducive working environment.
  • Share, and learn from all.
  • National Coverage with different range of services in the major cities in all México
  • International Coverage through strategic allies
  • Principal Office in México City
  • Experience in over 150 cities in the Mexican Republic
  • More than 200 studies annually carried out (80% domestic and 20% international)
  • Own Infrastructure Field, codification, capture, processing and analysis of information
  • Gesell Cameras and multi-purpose room