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For more than 30 years Wilsa participated with different domestic and foreign companies that have placed their trust in the management objective, accurate, reliable and with the more high quality analysis of the information generated through the realization of commercial maps and demographic as qualitative, quantitative studies and strategic intelligence on topics related to the needs trends, behaviors, satisfaction, loyalty, habits and preferences of the market, among others.

The conclusions and strategic recommendations arising from the analysis and interpretation of results of the market study carried out by Wilsa, have been used as the basis for the design, development and implementation of commercial and advertising strategies of different brands of products and services. In this way, success stories of Wilsa are tangible brands positioning strategies, advertising campaigns, launching of new products and services, packaging design, promotional tactics, zoning of structures of sales and distribution, among others.

Sedna Hospital

PM Group

Apotex Advancing Generics

Type of study and objective:

Qualitative, quantitative methodological mix, strategic intelligence, and documentary research to define the strategy of repositioning of the Sedna Hospital.

Impact strategic of the market studies:

  • Slogan change through a more relevant and emotional value proposal. . . “Committed to your health and that of your family” (before “Forefront of wellness”).
  • Development and publication of packages for analysis and health care with competitive rates to generate traffic to the Hospital and transcend the recommendations of patients treated as a primary motivator of demand for medical services and hospitals.

Type of study and objective:

Quantitative study to determine penetration and impact of the advertising campaign in spectacular of USA pears.

Impact strategic of the market studies:

  • The growing trend of penetration of the pears USA campaign in spectacular reached 68% remained in 2013.
  • The key stimuli in the penetration of the campaign were the specific recognition of characters (boy and girl with MOM) and the pears with a size completely disproportionate in relation to the characters.
  • For the campaign of 2014 remained the presence of children with MOM and pears with a disproportionate size in relation to the characters.

Apotex Laboratories

Proof of concept with qualitative and quantitative methodological Mix to determine acceptance and intention to purchase of a new presentation in chewable tablet of the Apodefil brand for Sexual stimulation.

Impact strategic of the market studies:

  • The category associated with erectile dysfunction, disease that is expresses in elderly. So your purchase and consumption affect self-esteem.
  • Although there is fear of secondary reactions when it combines with Alcohol, the first consumer experience is motivated by curiosity among young people, not problems of erection.
  • The evaluation of the reason concept a total acceptance and purchase intent, primarily by perceived as an innovative product, practical and discreet.
  • Is recommended to launch Apodefil chewable oriented to young people aged 20 to 30 of level socio-economic "c/c" through an advertising campaign by replacing message medical category, by a message of Social and festive atmosphere that ends in the couple's relationship . . . Pleasure, enjoyment, joy, satisfaction and without side effects when combined with Alcohol.